Alloy or steel wheels? Which one is best for you? Both of these types of wheels have their uses, but, in general, if you want high performance and style, then alloys are the way to go, and if you want tough and cheap wheels, then steels are the way to go.

Alloy Wheels

On most cars, alloys are the standard today as they look better and have performance advantages. Aluminum alloys are able to be cast in many different designs which gives cars a lot more individuality and gives you a lot more room to customize. Additionally, alloys are much lighter than steels which gives your car a much more agile performance and better acceleration. A car with alloy wheels is going to have a much more comfortable and smooth driving experience.

However, alloys tend to bend easier than steel wheels under road impacts, and they are more vulnerable to cosmetic damages like curb scrapes and saltwater corrosion. Though there are ways to help prevent some of these cosmetic damages, for example, waxing your wheels.

Steel Wheels

While steel wheels are not as common today, they are still sometimes used. Steel wheels are much more durable than alloy wheels. Cracking a steel wheel is virtually impossible and it is incredibly hard to bend a steel wheel.

Steel wheels do not have a very aesthetically pleasing look, so cosmetic damages are not as much of an issue as they will not be as noticeable. Steel wheels do not have much variety of options when compared to alloy wheels, though they do tend to be cheaper. Because of this, steel wheels are often used as a cheap set to use in the Winter months.

Steel wheels are also very heavy which can increase your vehicle's weight which decreases your vehicle's agility and ability to accelerate. The extra weight can also sometimes put a strain on your suspension and other parts of your vehicle. However, this weight can be good in Winter months as it gives your vehicle a little bit of extra friction which can keep your car from slipping on ice and snow. For this reason, many vehicle owners will switch to steel wheels when the weather becomes bad.

Whether you choose steel wheels or alloy wheels, Direct Tire will help you find the wheel that best suits you. Feel free to contact us if you need help deciding what is right for you.