We strive to protect your safety and the safety of our associates during the current health crisis.

We have implemented the following preventative measures:

  • Follow workplace safety and prevention service guidance on health and safety for Vehicle Service sector during COVID-19.
  • Maintain physical distance while advising customers and during installation.
  • Limit the number of associates working in one space so that they can distance themselves from each other.Disposable gloves are also used during installation.
  • Maintain clean work stations, debit/credit machines, counters and equipment using disinfectants. Have disinfectants available in clear view for customer and staff use.
  • Use contactless payment methods when possible.
  • Avoid entering the customer's vehicle. Customers are required to drive in their own vehicles. If we have to enter the customer's vehicle, we will take all the necessary safety precautions.
  • Have the right to refuse customers if they will not follow Provincial Health and Safety COVID-19 Guidelines.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in maintaining a safe environment during these unprecedented times.

For Your Safety And The Safety Of Our Associates